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The Joy of Creating: Emphasizing the Process Over the Product in Art-Making

Most people don't focus on the process of making art. Instead, they focus on the outcome. They want to know if what they are making is "good enough" or if it is something they can sell. Focusing on the end product can stifle creativity and sometimes inhibit the ability of people to do their best work. It induces fear instead of joy. People who focus too much on the results often lose the ability to play and experiment with new ideas and fail to make the most of the materials in front of them.

Here are some reasons why everyone should focus on the process of making art:

  1. Development of skills: When your mind is focused on the process of making art instead of a particular outcome, you develop new skills and techniques. When you practice and experiment with different mediums and methods, you foster the ability to create complex and engaging art. Practice and make epic mistakes. Let yourself make big messes.

  2. Personal growth: Making art is a deeply personal and introspective experience. It can allow you to explore your thoughts, emotions, and experiences creatively and therapeutically. This can lead to personal growth and increased self-awareness. Sometimes people find it easier to express their thoughts and emotional experiences through images. Focusing on the process of making art allows people the freedom to create and explore without fear of judgment.