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When I was a child I created fearlessly. I used color with confidence. My designs were made with bold lines, openness to possibilities, and a happy heart. While growing up I lost confidence, and at the urging of others, I put aside my childhood dream of becoming an artist and turned my focus toward a more "responsible" profession.

At the age of 35 my creative spark was reawakened. I recaptured my desire to be an artist and started painting again. I found myself drawn to bold, vibrant colors. These colors represented my choice to live courageously and to celebrate life by living with more passion, joy, and love. 

Over the past decade I began incorporating my creative impulse with my background in psychology. I noticed creating art was a meditative experience for me. It put me into a state of flow and shut off the often unhelpful chatter in mind. Art also became a therapeutic tool I could use to process feelings and express things I had trouble expressing verbally. Then I discovered I loved teaching others.

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